At the age of fourteen, Shanice comes across many experiences in her life at such a young age. Her Grandmother Patsy is a strong figure in her life who stands alongside her as she helps her cope with feelings of loneliness and abandonment by her mother Sharmane. She conquers all by learning the power of positive affirmations and self-love while also getting her first boy crush and making a new friend out of a bully.

About the Author

Lorrie Melbert first started writing at the age of 12. These writings included numerous short stories and poems; some of which were published in newspapers and booklets at the high school she attended. One of her pieces, titled Letting Go, was recently published in The Soul of Cenla, Anthology Volume 2 by the Royal Writers’ Guild of Cenla. She enjoys writing fiction that gives readers a sense of comfort and relatability. A reader can easily find a bit of themselves in every character in the stories that she writes. She hopes to have her first novel, Caught In Between, completed soon. Lorrie resides in Alexandria, Louisiana with her family.